Group is led by optimistic team of young individuals, with great passion for business, who constantly seeks business opportunities and challenges around every turn.

  • Aleksandar Čamparević

    Aleksandar Čamparević


    Aleksandar was born in 1978. in Kragujevac, where he graduated at the Faculty of Economics.

    He started his professional career as a manager at Metro Cash and Carry company, and he continued at Delta Holding. Since 2006 he has managed the retail chain Piccadilly in Bulgaria, then Delta Maxi International for the market of Montenegro, Bosnia, Bulgaria and Albania, and after the sale of Delta Maxi Group to the Belgian Delhaize, he led Delta DMD group in Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia, where he also led Delta Sport, including the market of Croatia and Macedonia.

    In 2017 Aleksandar invested his knowledge in developing of his own business, which has resulted in the founding of the company Marlo.

    He speaks English, Bulgarian and Macedonian.

    Aleksandar is married and has two children.

  • Vojislav Vujnović

    Vojislav Vujnović

    Director - Marlo

    Born in Belgrade, where he graduated from the Faculty of Economics with Major in Finance, Banking and Insurance. Candidate for a membership in ACCA - Association of Authorized Certified Accountants of the United Kingdom.

    Vojislav has significant experience in the areas of external and internal audit, risk management, financial due diligence and optimization of business processes gained in professional service companies PwC and Deloitte. Over the course of more than seven years of experience in audit and risk advisory services departments, he participated in numerous projects in the region, providing services such as defining and redefining business processes of corporate governance, risk advisory services, as well as internal and external audits for both corporate and financial institutions. In the Marlo company, Vojislav holds position of the Director.

    He is fluent in English, and uses German and Macedonian languages.

    Vojislav is married and father of two boys.

  • Vladan Miletić

    Country manager - Vega Medical

    Vladan was born in 1986 in Skopje, Macedonia where he graduated from the Faculty of Economics and holds a Masters Degree in Economics.

    He has a proven track record as a Sales Manager in medicine and significant knowledge in foreign trading affairs. Over the years he has accumulated knowledge from numerous trainings, educations and operating room experience in the fields of orthopaedics, neurosurgery, haemodialysis and medical equipment in general.

    By succesfully achieving and surpassing set targets, he now leads a growing team of young and perspective people in Vega Medical.

  • Ivana Pejica

    Ivana Pejica

    Regional Director - RE/MAX Serbia

    Ivana was born in 1988 in Postojna, Slovenia. She graduated from Philosophy faculty in Novi Sad, Bachelor in Journalism. She got  the Master Degree in Marketing and Public Relations at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Belgrade.

    She gained working experience in various companies in sales, marketing and communications departments.

    She has been working at RE/MAX Serbia since its establishment, and from August 2019 she is a Regional Director.

    Ivana is married.

  • Svetlan Krstić

    Svetlan Krstić

    Director - Brander

    Svetlan was born in 1978. in Bajina Bašta. In 2002. graduated from the Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade, direction of "Foreign and Domestic Trade".

    He started his professional career as a manager at Delta Holding company. During his career he worked on several senior positions in country and aboard in the following companies: Delta Maxi, Piccadilly, Delvel Pro, Delta Sport, Delta Transportni Sistem and Delta DMD.

    Svetlan has significant experience in retail and FMCG. At Brander he performs a function of Director.

    He speaks English and Bulgarian.

    Svetlan is married and father of two daughters.

  • Milan Lukić

    Milan Lukić

    Director - Fisadorelli Balcan

    Milan was born in Belgrade, where he graduated economics at the University of Belgrade, direction of "Accounting, Control and Audit".

    Milan has significant experience in retail and consumer goods sales. During his career, he worked on several senior positions. At Marlo, Milan performed a function of Development Director. He previously worked in leading positions for a numerous successful companies, such as Delta Holding, Delhaize and De Rigo Srl. Over more than 15 years of experience, he has participated in numerous projects and gained huge experience in the field of retail and sales of consumer goods.

    He is currently the managing director of Fisadorelli Balcan, which creates, develops and manufactures POS and POP materials.

    He is fluent in English.

    Milan is married and father of two daughters.