An Indian proverb says that we did not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, but borrowed it from our descendants. That is why each of us should take care of, contribute to the preservation and act responsibly towards our planet, environment and the nature surrounding us, so that we and future generations can enjoy it.

Vega Medical recognizes that preserving the environment is essential for the survival and progress of any society and supported the action of the 1% Foundation - "Tree for the Future" with its donation. Through its engagement in tree planting, Vega Medical has made an environmental contribution to the local community, increasing biodiversity and reducing pollution, which is a burning issue today. The 1% principle by which the foundation is run, means that each of us can invest at least 1% of our time, knowledge or money and thus support others or improve our environment.

Together with other participants in the action, Vega Medical joined the planting of 84 white pine trees in Ušće Park, near the Hotel Yugoslavia, in Belgrade, on 10th of February this year. Tree planting is extremely important for the air quality and every newly planted tree is a valuable natural resource and producer of oxygen. The feeling of satisfaction with the contribution to creating a healthier environment after the first planting action, led Vega Medical employees to join another action in which 66 more white pine trees were planted in the Park of Milutin Milanković, in Belgrade, on 11th of February 2022.



If every person or family planted at least one tree a year, we would together do something big enough to make a huge difference! After all, the feeling that the symbolic contribution to this action creates - to have your own trees that will grow and be there for decades - is amazing! Vega Medical invites all companies and individuals to join this action, so that we can live in a more beautiful, greener and healthier environment.